American Airlines has again refreshed their amenity kits for 2018. This time, the contents are mostly unchanged as they have been since 2016, and only the containers are different. I recently flew between Chicago and London in business class both ways, and I received 2 different kit bags. Both options are water-resistant bags, one is a drawstring, and the other has a zipper closure and handles somewhat like a tote bag. These bag seem much cheaper than past versions from 2016 and 2017. It vaguely reminds me of the bags used for United

Welcome to another installment of our amenity kit review series. As in previous reviews, I will be reviewing this amenity kit on a scale from 1 to 5 (being the best) and will rate it based on five categories:

  • Bag/container: design, quality and reusability/collectibility of the bag.
  • Product: quality, size and variety of the facial and body products.
  • Comfort items: eye masks, ear plugs, etc.
  • Miscellaneous: pens, tissues and everything else.
  • Extras: additional items that make your flight just a tad more comfortable including pajamas, slippers, etc.
  • American Airlines Cole Haan Business Class Amenity kit – 2018 edition

American Airlines New Amenity Kit for 2018 by Cole Haan

These amenity kits have changed on an annual basis. This version seems even cheaper than the others, mostly due to the poor quality bags used. There are also fewer items in the kit, although the only difference is the headphone covers. I only rarely use the Bose headphones provided by the airline, and instead use my own. I don’t take issue with this change.


American Airlines Cole Haan Business Class Amenity kit – 2018 drawstring bag version

This is probably my biggest disappointment with this years version of the kit. The bag just seems exceedingly cheap. Maybe repurpose it to carry sweaty gym clothes, or wet swimwear, but otherwise I don’t think I’d ever reuse it. The bags have an off-putting vinyl smell. There is a small Cole Haan logo on the outside, and both Cole Haan and AA logos inside the bag. There are apparently several color options, on my flights I saw bags trimmed in blue and green. And as before the socks and eye mask have the same colors as the bag. Score: 2


The C.O. Bigelow products inside are identical to what was offered for the last 2 years, although the scents are different.  There is a small pouch containing lip balm and rosemary mint body lotion. The mouthwash ‘shot glass’ remains, and while fresh breath is always appreciated, I still find the tub to be somewhat cheap versus a bottle. These items come in a thin plastic (non-resealable bag) Score: 3

American Airlines Business Class Amenity Kit – product

Comfort Items

The basics are here, with socks, and an eyemask. The mask is different that past versions, but is of decent quality, with an elastic strap and a vinyl tag with the American logo.  Also included are some decent earplugs (a must have on most any long flight). There is also a full-sized toothbrush and a 0.85oz tube of Crest toothpaste. Score: 3

American Airlines Cole Haan Amenity Kit – comfort items

Miscellaneous Items

It is nice that they include a pen, and AA fans get to have a branded pen to fill out immigration forms, etc. As before a small packet of tissues and black earplugs are included in the kit. Both are necessities for any decent kit.Unlike past years, the headphone covers are missing. Hopefully they clean the headphones between uses, although I have my doubts. Score: 3

American Airlines Business Class Amenity Kit – This photo from last years kit. No headphone covers anymore


Nothing extra included for my trans-Atlantic flights.  American now has different inclusions based on flight distance.  Most Asia flights include slippers, the longest flights include Casper pajamas and mattress pads. This includes Hong Kong, Sydney and Auckland.  Score: 3

Final thoughts on the 2018 American Airlines Business Class Amenity kit

Not much new here, and the new bags are a step down in my opinion. These kits contain the basics, and the products are decent, but nothing outstanding.  The scores average out to 2.8, which I think is reasonable.

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