A vast majority of my flying the past few years has been longhaul international flights. That means I’m flying very long flights but not that many segments every year. That’s also probably partly why I’ve been so lucky, because I feel like for a year or so I didn’t have any sort of serious delay (I might be forgetting something, but…).

However, in the past 3.5 weeks I’ve had mechanical delays on four of my eight flights, and I’m starting to wonder if I’m just cursed, or what:

  • My flight from Frankfurt to Whitehorse on Condor was delayed; they couldn’t fix the problem, so they had to find us a new plane
  • My flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles was delayed due to a mechanical, which lasted about two hours
  • My flight from Detroit to San Francisco was delayed by about two hours due to an indicator light
  • I’m currently sitting in the gate area at Miami Airport trying to fly to Quito; to quote the captain “the critical navigation system isn’t working, and that’s a problem,” so we’ve now been deplaned, and “you’re flying on the special 737 MAX, and this is the only type of 737 we have capable of flying to Quito, so we’ll see if we can find another one of those”

So four of my last eight flights have had pretty significant mechanical delays. That’s 50%, vs. somewhere around 0% for the year prior.

Am I just really unlucky, or…?

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